There is something magical about a perfectly executed event that is overflowing with love and perfectly matches our clients personalities and visions. 

It’s only normal to have a ton of questions for us!


1. How many meetings + phone calls will we have and is there a limit on our communication?


It is because of this question that Stacie Shea Events limits the number of events we take on per year. I like to make sure that my clients know they are my priority and that I never have to allot time or limit the number of meetings we have. Very simply put we meet and chat as much as needed to make sure your wedding and event is planned to perfection. Many times our meetings can be set up as bi-weekly calls, Skype sessions, Google meetings or in person coffee dates. This all depends on your preference and schedule. 

2. Are you experienced in working with destination events? 

In the last couple of years approximately 50% of my weddings were destination within the United States or abroad. I pride myself in making sure my clients get the same experience working with me locally as they do at their destination. Stacie Shea Events likes for our clients to be as involved or as removed from the planning process as you desire. We are not afraid to pack a bag, jump in the car or hop on a plane for a menu tasting, plan a Skype call with a florist or overnight FedEx you linen samples so we can make the destination wedding planning experience top notch. It is because of our skill set that we can say destination events are our speciality. Our office is based in Greenwich, CT but that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy to travel for your wedding! 

3. How does the design process work?

Stacie Shea Events works closely with you to get to know you as a couple both individually and together. We meet to go thru your vision, desires, wants, and priorities. After that meeting I will put together a color board and first design steps. If you approve and love where the vision is headed I create a custom design plan (a full color palette, paper ideas, flower boards, linen suggestions) and a full event design pdf/booklet that includes full design direction for every step of your event. I use software like Photoshop and InDesign to help you fully visualize what your event will look like from start to finish. This design booklet covers all décor and floral items for your wedding leaving all of your final visions and decisions in one location for us to reference and execute on your wedding day. 

4. Are you able to plan other wedding weekend events – bridal luncheons, grooms dinner, post-wedding brunch?

Yes of course. Since we work with a large majority of destination events we many times are planning the entire weekends worth of events. Bridal Luncheons, Grooms activities, rehearsal dinners, to post-wedding brunch. It all depends on the scope of your event and if you want Stacie Shea Events planning, on-site and helping you execute these events. Since we work so closely with our clients it is very common for us to be working with you for your entire wedding weekend making it an experience of a lifetime for you and your wedding guests. 


5. Do you offer floral artistry for weddings that you haven’t actually planned?

Yes of course! I love floral artistry so we are happy to play with flowers whenever we can. 

6. Since you are a floral designer are you ok working with an outside florist for my wedding? 

Of course we are! We love to partner with other wedding industry folks and are always open to working with someone we haven’t worked with before. Working with Stacie Shea Events is only a recommendation based on our love of flowers and all things pretty! 

7. Why do you only take a limited number of weddings per year?

I take on a limited number of weddings and events per year because I am the wearer of many hats in my house. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful girls, a business owner, a daughter and a sister. I need to be present in all facets of my life, and to be the best at all of these roles it means a limited number of events a year. By limiting the clients I work with I am able to live my life the best way I can for my clients and myself. 

8. I am a new planner, a freshly graduated college student looking for work, or currently employed in a career path that is leaving me to question if I should switch careers to wedding planning and design, what should I do?

I love to share my knowledge with other fellow planners and those looking to jump into this career. I believe in an open book policy and love to share how I learned and developed my business. Please drop me an email and let me know you are interested in my mentorship program. 

Matt and I truly enjoyed working with Stacie and Erica in the time leading up to our wedding day. Stacie was incredibly responsive and always had smart answers to any of our questions - whether it was about florals or the appropriate cost of lighting - we always felt like we were in good hands. On the day of our wedding, we were able to focus on each other and our guests - I never had to ask for help or wonder where anything was - it all seemed to magically happen by itself thanks to Stacie and Erica!
— Izzy