Clean Slate in 2014

  2013 was a year of many changes at Stacie Shea Events and you will be seeing some blog posts in the coming weeks about it. In the meantime I wanted to start a series of posts about an area of my business that I have always wanted to share and invite others into but was never sure how well it would be received.

As a small business owner we are always looking for ways to save time, multi-task, gain more hours in the day, and simplify our business flow. Yes I know I am a wedding planner and frankly some of the people who will be reading these posts just might not really be interested in learning how the wheels on my business turn. Then I realized that maybe just maybe there is someone out there who would love to know what makes us tick here at Stacie Shea Events.

Then I also realized that maybe with this series of posts my future and current clients could learn a bit more about what into their events. So they could see how my passion for planning is so much more than what they see at our monthly catch up meetings or when we are grabbing coffee and planning the designs for their special day.

Starting today I am going to dig into how my business runs. I want my readers to see what feeds the fire how we run our processes here. I am not promising weekly or daily posts about this but I am promising to take my knowledge that I have learned in planning and events the past couple of years and making it into something aspiring wedding planners and event designers can use. I want to create something that dreamers who are toying with the idea of starting their own business can come to and learn from the mistakes I made and grow with me as well.

I very well could get shunned for the idea of passing on my "secrets" but at the same time. Let's be real folks and realize brides, grooms, and my couples hire me for me. They hire me for what I bring to the table and that is why I am comfortable sharing this information. So with that brief little introduction I am going to dig into a new line of posts coming at Stacie Shea Events.

Shortly after the beginning of the New Year I realized I needed a clean slate. I needed a desktop that left me feeling organized and ready to tackle the day. I know we have all been there when you turn on your computer and you have more files saved on your desktop than you can count and you just sweat thinking about how to organize them all. So I created my Clean Slate file and uploaded it onto my desktop so that I could organize those much needed desktop files. No matter how much I tried I still had some day-to-day files that I needed quick access and some of my file filing systems (that I will share in a future post) just weren’t cutting it.

So I created the Clean Slate file and every night when I close up my computer I make sure that my desktop is in a state that I feel organized with. I organize those folders into each of the categories listed and anything that I know I need to work on the next day is set and right there ready for me to tackle in the morning. My clients are then categorized into the correct buckets and I am always aware on my desktop what needs to be done. Folks this has really helped me clear the clutter and definitely helped me step away from some stray social media time we all get sucked into.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.10.02 PM