SSE 2014 - The behind the scenes recap

And now a look into the behind the scenes for Stacie Shea Events the past year. Yesterday's post touched on all the beautiful weddings we had on the books for 2014. Today I am going to dive into the other fun stuff that makes my heart skip a beat and keeps me wanting more in this crazy industry. In January, Erica and I were lucky enough to get the chance to work with Justin and Mary Marantz on a HUGE project with Profoto USA. We had a steller team of vendors that helped us pull together this amazing event at the Wadsworth Mansion. If you look closely in the video series you might see little Ms. C making her film and photography debut!

February brought a crazy whirlwind of events. Erica headed up two editorial shoots in one day for our team while I was away at an industry conference. Erica was able to pull off a shoot with Kristen Waterbury  in the morning at The Carousel at Lighthouse Point Park. She immediately followed the morning shoot with a quick break down and set up for the Justin and Mary Walk Through A Wedding in the afternoon.

Lighthouse at Carousel Point Park

Photo by Kristen Waterbury

Justin and Mary Walk Through A Wedding at Carousel Park - Kate Spade inspired was one for the books later that afternoon. All while trying to stay warm in an unheated venue in February on the Eastcoast! Yikes...

Connecticut Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner CT

Southern CT Weddings

Photo's by Justin and Mary Marantz

As both the shoots were taking place at the Lighthouse Point Park I was at Bliss & Bespoke in Charleston, SC. WOW what an experience! I walked away from that  meeting some of the best of the best in the industry and finally getting to meet the amazing Jacin Fitzgerald from Lovely Little Details! I can hardly wait to see her again this upcoming spring..

Bliss and Bespoke

Bliss and Bespoke

After the east coast got pounded with a MASSIVE snowstorm and I had to leave Charleston early I was a little bummed I missed out on the final events for Bliss and Bespoke. Once I got home it was back to the grind with one of my FAVORITE shoots to date at my favorite wedding venue in all of Connecticut.. Winvian Luxury Resort and Spa in Litchfield, Connecticut. With this shoot brought an amazing team of vendors like Charlotte Jenks Lewis, Splendid Stems, and Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore, plus many more. Vendor Credits here.

Winvian Wedding Planner

Photo by Charlotte Jenks Lewis and Editorial Shoot seen on Style Me Pretty

The month of March Erica and I teamed up with Jen Lynne Photography and the UBER talented Jeanette Kleitz of True Florette to pull together a little St. Patrick's day inspiration that we knew would have a home at our favorite wedding blog.. Style Me Pretty!

Party Planner Greenwich

Photography by Jen Lynne Photography

We ended the month with some planning and designing for a charity near and dear to our hearts..The Canary Kids + Epidemic Answers at the Loading Dock in Stamford.  It was an amazing night of dining with Abigail Kirsch and dancing till the wee hours of the night!

April was a month that was much needed after a long winter on the eastcoast. I jetted to Maui for a destination wedding and also decided to make the most of it by holding an editorial shoot for Green Wedding Shoes at the Montage Kapalua Bay with Jessica Haley Photography and a great team of local vendors.

destination wedding planner


maui destination wedding planner

Photo by Jessica Haley Photography

At the end of April I was lucky enough to have spent some time over the course of the last 9 months to host and plan an amazing vendor networking event, The Luxury Wedding Spotlight with the fabulous Erica Powell of Reverie Gallery. We brought together the best of the best in the Connecticut wedding market for a day of networking, cocktailing, and socializing with future brides! A special thanks again to all that took part in the amazing event.


Photography by Danny Kash Photography

As the busy season in CT starts in May of course we decided to add a few more fun projects to our calendars as well. First off we started with a film photography workshop with the great Stefanie Kapra and Wellwed Magazine and ended with another amazing Walk Through with Justin and Mary. Stefanie's workshop took place up in New Haven at the Chetstone Mansion. It was a great event and fun was had by all attendee's. I even managed to give a small little presentation on the value of planners and photographers collaborating together.

Walk Through A Wedding in May with Justin and Mary had us spending a fun filled spring day at The Lace Factory with Carrie Wilcox, Roseville Designs, Pickles and Pies, and the wonderful Erin Infantino!

ct wedding planner ct wedding planner southern ct weddings

Photography by Justin and Mary Marantz

To officially kick off the 2015 wedding season I was fortunate enough to head to Engage14! in Bachelor Gulch. This was my second time attending Engage and boy did it not disappoint. I was skeptical at first about heading into the Colorado mountains at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch and the long day of traveling. I knew of course that the guys and gals of Engaging Concepts pull off one amazing event so how could I take the chance and risk missing it.

engage!14 | Bachelor Gulch | Day 1 from I Do Films on Vimeo.

engage!14 | Bachelor Gulch | Final Recap from I Do Films on Vimeo.

The remainder of June and July we focused on family, weddings and purchasing a new home in Greenwich CT with the most amazing studio space out back. I can hardly wait for what is in store for that space in 2015!

In August Erica, Lauren our Day of Assistant, and I packed up the jeep and headed to Nantucket for one of the best projects we had all year. We helped Justin and Mary host their Walk Through A Wedding Nantucket! ACK we had so much we cannot wait to try to convince them to do it again next year...

cape weddings walk through a wedding destination wedding planner

Photos by Justin and Mary Marantz

Kicking off the fall brought us the chance to head into Brooklyn and showcase some of Erica's floral work. She has been keeping her floral skills in hiding here at Stacie Shea Events but has a LOVE for everything flower related. So to give her some practice we signed up for The Not Wedding Brooklyn. Her and I had a blast heading into the city,working with some new Brooklyn vendors,and hanging out in Brooklyn for the day.

southern CT weddings SSE greenwich CT NY wedding planner

Photo Credit to Modern Wedding Photography Cassidy Parker Smith Photography | Laura Marie Creative Photography

We finally slowed down as the major part of wedding season came to end for us. Erica took on one last editorial shoot to work with a close friend of hers - Trisha Keeler Photography. They planned the perfect shoot on a beautiful fall day to welcome us to the month of November. We are so excited as we have a great wedding on the books with Trisha in the new year in Cape Cod at our secret gem of a venue, the Mill Pond Estate.

Fall wedding planner

We kicked off the holidays at Stacie Shea Events with two last events. I could think of no better way to kick it off than to plan one last Walk Through A Wedding with our two favorites, Justin and Mary Marantz!


Luxury Wedding Planner

Luxury Wedding Planner

Photos by Justin and Mary Marantz

Our last and final event of the year was a Friendsmas Dinner hosted at my house to really show thanks to those that put their love forth to us this year. Every year I start planning early in the summer what to gift vendors, and how to show them how much they mean to me and my business. So this year I planned a small dinner for 14 friendors to show them how much they mean to us at Stacie Shea Events and how they make my business better. I had such a fabulous time that I am confident I will be doing this again and quite possibly exploring it a few times a year so that I can really show all my vendor friends the love!

Vendor Love Connecticut

Photos by Jessica Haley Photography

With this I bid 2014 adeu!  I have promised myself that I will slow down in 2015 and not have as busy of a calendar. I am forever grateful to the team that I was able to work with this year, and the vendors that make my job oh so much easier. I couldn't do any of this without the help and support from my dear husband, my mother in law who drops everything to come help, and my sweet mama who jumps on a plane to be my daycare the weeks I have weddings. I need you all, and you keep me pushing forward full steam ahead. I want my clients to know that they are my passion and their weddings are what I live for, and last but not least I wish for all my readers to have the best year yet! Happy New Year!










Engage13! at the Montelucia - The Luxury Wedding Summit Recap

cc6789150c7789b9e195817e_650x433 Since starting my business I have been watching the tweets, facebook posts, and instagram pics when fellow wedding industry folks head out to Engage each December and June. Shortly after having my daughter I decided it was time to call myself out, pull the trigger and register to attend. On December 9th with my great friend Jessica Ulrich from Jessica Haley Photography we headed off to the AMAZING Montelucia in Scottsdale. This year Engage13! hit a huge milestone by making this the 12th go round of this luxury wedding business summit.

Chellise Michael Photography

To my friends, clients and industry friends it the Maserati of wedding industry events and attending it makes you feel like you just graduated from Harvard with an MBA in Wedding! Engage13! was filled with great speakers, incredible networking, so much information you feel like you are brain could explode at any given moment with all the hair brained crazy ideas floating thru your head!  The event is limited to the first 300 wedding professionals and it truly challenges its attendees to think outside the box and  provide new and exciting ways to give value to your clients.

Chellise Michael Photography

I would be giving away some of the new things coming to Stacie Shea Events in 2014 and 2015 if I told you everything I was able to walk away from this conference with.I will tell you that what started as a small world cab ride with the Brides Magazine Real Weddings Editor paved the road for a pretty amazing event. Then lead to a pretty amazing seat right next to Sean Low during the Opening day, a small group dinner and business analysis from Sean, an amazing walk back to my hotel room after the first night with Marcy Blum, a breakfast with Silvia Weinstock, and a Gala seat next to Ed Libby's business partner.  Engage13! provided speaker panels,small group experiences, FAB parties, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to rub elbows with the wedding industry’s best of the best.

Scott Clark Photography

Here are some of our my favorite shots from the course of the 3 days and a a few video recaps that would make anyone not want to miss out on the next Engage14!

Scott Clark Photography

Scott Clark Photography

Scott Clark Photography

Chellise Michael Photography

Scott Clark Photography

Chellise Michael Photography

engage!13 | The Montelucia from I Do Films on Vimeo.

engage!13 | Montelucia - Days 2 & 3 from I Do Films on Vimeo.

Engage 13 at Montelucia // High Energy Recap from Elysium Productions on Vimeo.

A special THANK YOU to Chellise Michael Photography + Scott Clark Photography + I Do Films + Elysium Productions for the videos and photos seen here. Last but not least thank you, thank you, thank you to Engaging Concepts for all your hardwork and time spent on this event. I cannot wait to see you all again at Engage14! in December!



Clean Slate in 2014

  2013 was a year of many changes at Stacie Shea Events and you will be seeing some blog posts in the coming weeks about it. In the meantime I wanted to start a series of posts about an area of my business that I have always wanted to share and invite others into but was never sure how well it would be received.

As a small business owner we are always looking for ways to save time, multi-task, gain more hours in the day, and simplify our business flow. Yes I know I am a wedding planner and frankly some of the people who will be reading these posts just might not really be interested in learning how the wheels on my business turn. Then I realized that maybe just maybe there is someone out there who would love to know what makes us tick here at Stacie Shea Events.

Then I also realized that maybe with this series of posts my future and current clients could learn a bit more about what into their events. So they could see how my passion for planning is so much more than what they see at our monthly catch up meetings or when we are grabbing coffee and planning the designs for their special day.

Starting today I am going to dig into how my business runs. I want my readers to see what feeds the fire how we run our processes here. I am not promising weekly or daily posts about this but I am promising to take my knowledge that I have learned in planning and events the past couple of years and making it into something aspiring wedding planners and event designers can use. I want to create something that dreamers who are toying with the idea of starting their own business can come to and learn from the mistakes I made and grow with me as well.

I very well could get shunned for the idea of passing on my "secrets" but at the same time. Let's be real folks and realize brides, grooms, and my couples hire me for me. They hire me for what I bring to the table and that is why I am comfortable sharing this information. So with that brief little introduction I am going to dig into a new line of posts coming at Stacie Shea Events.

Shortly after the beginning of the New Year I realized I needed a clean slate. I needed a desktop that left me feeling organized and ready to tackle the day. I know we have all been there when you turn on your computer and you have more files saved on your desktop than you can count and you just sweat thinking about how to organize them all. So I created my Clean Slate file and uploaded it onto my desktop so that I could organize those much needed desktop files. No matter how much I tried I still had some day-to-day files that I needed quick access and some of my file filing systems (that I will share in a future post) just weren’t cutting it.

So I created the Clean Slate file and every night when I close up my computer I make sure that my desktop is in a state that I feel organized with. I organize those folders into each of the categories listed and anything that I know I need to work on the next day is set and right there ready for me to tackle in the morning. My clients are then categorized into the correct buckets and I am always aware on my desktop what needs to be done. Folks this has really helped me clear the clutter and definitely helped me step away from some stray social media time we all get sucked into.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.10.02 PM

Happy Friday + Engage13!

Happy Friday everyone! I leave you on this gloomy and rainy friday in Connecticut with this amazing picture from a wedding Stacie Shea Events had this past September at the Riverside Yacht Club in Greenwich. A special special thanks to the fabulous Charlotte Jenks Lewis for this beauty! Photo by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Early Monday morning this Mama hops on a jet plane and heads to the fabulous Montelucia in Phoenix with Jessica Haley Photography. To say that I am excited would not even begin to explain how I am feeling. Nervous, excited, scared, worried...but most of all ready to submerse myself and my business in the talents of the best of the best in the Wedding Industry.

I have spent the better part of this week gathering clothes, shopping, trying on outfits and creating packing spreadsheets. Come on I'm a wedding planner what do you expect. I have more outfits than days that the actual conference is going on. I am nervous that I won't be dressed up enough or that I will be overdressed. HECK YEAH I AM!

I am so ready to take my business to a new level this year and I know that Engage13! is going to be a great tool to help me get there. To my clients looking for me the next couple of days I will be soaking up some knowledge and meeting some wedding folks I have been dying to meet in person like Hey Gorgeous EventsEvery Last Detail, Todd Fiscus, Kristin Banta and all the amazing folks here!

So for now off to finish up my packing and get my house ready for this Mama to take a few much needed days away in AZ!