Oh my goodness gracious!! Launch day is finally here after six months of planning, conference calls, basecamp conversations, photo updating, collateral selecting, website coding, and patiently waiting for it all to come together. Today I get to finally introduce you to the NEW, IMPROVED and simply put BEAUTIFUL Stacie Shea Events website and blog. HIP HIP HORRAY for the final step in my re-branding process that began this past fall and has been completed on Valentine's Day! What better way to spend a day based on love!!!!!











I started this journey to redefine my brand while five months pregnant and preparing for the changes coming to my life on all fronts. Back in September knowing that I was going to be mama in four months I had a fierce feeling deep within me that I needed to revitalize my brand. My brand needed to match the new found life that was coming my way. A life that required simplification, more time for my family and baby, and a business that was built with a strong base from the ground up. In September I set out on a journey with Making Brands Happen for a better more stream lined client experience, new collateral, a brand spanking new blog, and a new website.  As I was digging into the Making Brands Happen program I came to learn more about who I am as a person, what I wanted to be as a Mama and Wife and came to the conclusion that my brand needed to better reflect every aspect of my life and not just the business side of me. At the end of this process things have changed with Stacie Shea Events and with the way I serve my brides and clients. I have more defined office hours, boundaries between work and home, and a new found respect for separating my time on social media while I'm at home being the best mama I can be. I’m so happy to finally scream from the rooftops that I have a gorgeous website and blog to match they way that I have grown as a business owner, wife, and mama these past couple of months.

This site would never have happened without the help of all of these fabulous ladies. They have worked so hard to help me get the finished product together. I had the BEST team! My Sincere gratitude goes out to Lara CaseyEmily Ley, Gina Zeidler, Love Inspired, Lindsay Letters and Jennie Fresa.

So please join me in my re-branding celebration by settling in the way I am this Valentine's Day with a Starbucks Latte in my comfy Thursday night pajamas and a baby on my lap exploring my new site. Welcome to the new re-branded Stacie Shea Events!